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Monday, 25 November 2013

Banner Making (2013-11-25)

We played Dead Ants whilst people arrived.

We held a News Circle: Ivo and Pip watched Day of the Doctor which was both scary and silly; Joe went to a laser tag party on Saturday; Dylan made butternut squash soup with soda bread; Rana and Rayan planted oak trees at the school tree planting day; Iona had her four year old friend over at the weekend; Millie-Maye has a sore throat; Xanthe had a sleep over as an evacuee at cubs; Flora was in a crane making team with Katy and Magnus and won the competition; Connie has new shelves in her room; Millie has gone up a book in cello and will be playing in a concert; Izzy had her first christmas party on Sunday; Matilda met Santa Claus on Sunday and learnt that reindeer drop their horns; Tegan discovered that a friend has been poorly but is getting better and is going to visit her; Lena is going to swap rooms with her sister and is going to paint her new room turquoise; Tessa is going to Edinburgh and will sleep in a fold out bed; Molly went to her brother's birthday party; Debbie planted bluebell bulbs; Rafiq has a new Skylander character Gill Grunt from a car boot sale; Jay had a very nice new teacher today; Tim cooked chicken for grandparents and flora's aunt and cousin and helped her make a life sized sheep from a white woollen blanket.

We voted on which game to play: Four Corners.

We continued colouring letters for the banner.

We sang A mighty Song of Peace, Red river Valley, Stewball, The Hammer Song and the round Wouldn't It Be A Wondrous Thing.

We held our Closing Circle and sang our Closing Song.

Leaders: Debbie, Tegan, Tim, Rana
Elfins: 18

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