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Monday, 10 March 2014

Bronze Age Burial (2014-03-10)

Some played a self-organised game of Octopus whilst people arrived.

We held our News Circle: Millie brought in a pet caterpillar; Connie had a Japanese meal with sushi, chicken and sticky rice cooked by her brother; Magnus caught lots of newts which are endangered; Natty has a Hulk Blaster which sounds like a duck; Nia has finished the first Harry Potter book; Iona's best friend from London came to stay; Tessa went to a three and a half hour performance of a musical Once; Millie-Maye can make a variety of animal and other noises including chicks, she has also grown her nails as she has stopped chewing them; Xanthe made a chocolate cake with Flora on Friday and has the guinea pigs that she shares back at her house; Rafiq performed at his Bee's Knees concert and has more Skylander figures; Pip showed us his dance move; Jay's friend has a wobbly tooth which hurts; Ivo is now learning his seven times tables; Dylan told us that last night another cat, not his, came into the house and ate his cat's food; Joe was tongue tied; Lena's sister will be two years old in four days time; Matilda's mum's friend Miranda came to stay and they went out for a meal where she had loads of Pizza; Jeff played basket ball; Molly was wearing a Californian sweat shirt as she is half Californian; Debbie showed us some of the jute baskets she is crocheting for the Green Fair; Imogen went to her grandmother's house for lunch and painted her nails and toenails and Natty's; Tim pruned the willow dome at Hertford Street so we have willow for hostel and pruned his apple tree and pear tree; Flora is still waiting to hear the results of the art competition she has entered.

We decided to play a game to get the blood flowing again after sitting so long and that we should play a couple of rounds of Dead Ants before the main activity led by Jeff, Matilda's father.

Jeff told us about bronze being made from copper and tin and asked lots of questions about grave goods. He mentioned the most important bronze age find on Dartmoor has just been announced. We talked about the sort of thing that was buried with people and which ones lasted and so could be found by archaeologists.

We split into groups and drew around a person on paper to have a life sized skeleton.

We drew grave goods around each person.

Jeff brought pictures of Bronze Age grave goods which have been found.

We lined all our graves up in a cemetry.

We had just enough time for Magnus to show us his enormous flint which he found at hostel last year, near the bronze age fort on the Ridgeway.

We held our Closing Circle.

Activity leader: Jeff
Leaders: Debbie, Tim
Helpers: Lisbeth, Patience
Elfins: 20

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