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Monday, 14 April 2014

Hostel Retrospective (2014-03-31)

We played a quick game of tag whilst people arrived.

We held a News Circle: Flora's hamster is coming back from Katie's; Connie is tired after hostel; Rafiq borrowed Skooby Doo the Wonder Dog from Ruby and Amber; Pip has his birthday on Wednesday; Dylan went on Hostel; Joe too; Rayan liked weaving and bread making on Hostel; Rana had a great time especially the picnic in the sunshine; Oliver went on a Mother's Day picnic by the river; Millie-Maye had Xanthe around and swapped clothes; Xanthe went to the King's Arms with Flora and Jude and saw a couple dancing in the street to Happy; Ivo has sparring pads for karate; Natty made a back minded mace; Nia shared a fifteen week old puppy called Ruby; Imogen got leg tattoos at a friends party; Matti told us the headmaster of Larkrise is leaving on Friday; Matilda went to the Roal Dahl museum, her favourite bit was story time; Lena is going to Pembrokeshire for the Easter holiday; Izzy thought Hostel was really, really fun and liked making the Friendship Bracelets; Jay went on Hostel; Tim saw a Roman Soldier at Segsbury Camp.

We played a game of Octopus and then Four Corners.

Zoe showed us a slide show of her pictures of camp.

Everyone was very excitable so we went outside and played on the equipment.

We came back inside for a Lost Property Circle and then sang Chrlie was a Pigeon before singing our Closeing Song.

Leaders: Tim, Rana
Helpers: Zoe, Lizbeth
Elfins: 17
Pioneer: 1
Woodchip: 1

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