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Monday, 9 June 2014

Scrap Models and Paper Planes (2014-06-09)

Whilst people arrived I collected the last District Camp forms Ranna led a game of Octopus.

We held our Circle News: Connie's Mum is back from hospital after a an operation which mad three holes in her, one for the camera, she is well! Imogen has some new clothes; Iona watched TV on Saturday; Millie-Maye had her birthday and Xanthe gave her a Build-a-Bear called Lotte; Xanthe went to a Hedgehog talk by Hugh Warwick; Rayan decorated a cake and the flat for her Mum's birthday; Izzy has a Restaurant Week at school and on Thursday will feed the grown-ups African food; Matilda went to her Dad's baseball barbecue and ate two much cake; Lena is going to visit old friends who have moved away and is staying over night; Freya's grandparents brought around some friends who have adopted an African foundling; Yasmine has a new Kitten; Polly went to the beach on holiday; Ranna really enjoyed her birthday, she also has to go to hospital for an operation; Molly had an Egyptian day at school and they had egyptian activities including making a pyramid; Kique is going to have an extension to the house; Oliver's grandad from New York came to stay; John went to Oliver's Dad's birthday party; Joe is looking after a cat for three months; Louise went to the outdoor pool at Hinksey; Dylan is backing Italy in the FIFA world cup; Arran made slime, a slime T shirt and mask; Zoe made a film of the Divestment March; Pip told us how he had defaced some pictures of footballers and Harry Styles; Rafiq hurt his foot cycling; Jay has the same shoes as John; Ivo is getting into the football sticker craze at school; Natty brought in a shield to show; Tim went on Camp with Connie, Flora and Ellie.

Al, who organized the Fossil Free Future session has sent in this petition. Zoe toook a video of the demo.

We had a brief discussion of the options and it was decided to go straight to the making, with the option of flying paper aeroplanes outside.

Everyone got very creative with the junk modelling.

We held our closing circle.

Leaders: Tim, Ranna
Helpers: Zoe, Louise
Woodchips: 1
Elfins: 25

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