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Monday, 29 September 2014

Camp Tales, Woodcraft Rules and Games (2014-0929)

Whilst people arrived we played a game of Octopus.

We held our News Circle: which people are getting very good at so it went quite quickly: Dylan went to camp and had fun; Ivo cut himself on camp but had fun; Joe went to the London Eye; Rafiq made a Bionical Chicken; Emily enjoyed camp especially the campfire; Izzy is taking the Prep test in Piano; Luke found a Pale Tussock Moth caterpillar (Callitereara pudibunda) on camp; Ximena told us that their other caterpillars (Painted Ladies) have pupated; Isis showed us the mask she has made and has a wobbly tooth; Milly has had an interview at Rye St Anthony school; Debbie's cat, Thomas, has died; Daniel got lost in the maze at camp; John did the challenges at camp; Theo built a Lego model on Sunday; Oliver completed the maze and made a bug house at camp; Morrigan liked weaving on camp; Polly's favourite thing about camp was the merrymoot; Jay went to the street party and watched the Lego Movie in the street; Tim built the campfire at camp.

The last session was a little rowdy, the weather was great and the children were very excited, even games on the field did not tire them out. After a great Elfin Camp the leaders wanted to talk about how we have good times and what makes a session no fun.

The children came up with lots of suggestions: being nice to each other, listening to each other and respecting each other and the school and environment. Woodcraft is about peace and friendship so fighting and being rough is out of place.

Tim explained that if someone kept ignoring requests to join in and was making a session no fun for others then they could be asked not to come the next time, though this has never happened.

Debbie reminded everyone that when someone calls Woodcraft then everyone should stop, reply Folk and then listen to the person who has made the call.

Jay came up with the brilliant suggestion that we do some practice, so we did: everyone larked about and then Jay shouted Woodcraft and we all replied Folk, we then repeated this with leaders calling out until we had it perfect.

We decided to play Dead Ants

then Snakes in the pit

Everyone helped to put the apparatus away.

We had a quick play outside.

We came back in and sang If I had a Hammer, Black and White, Back of the Bus, then held our Closing Circle and sang Charlie was a Pigeon.

Leaders: Emily, Debbie, Tim
Helper: Ximena
Elfins: 15

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