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Monday, 15 September 2014

Tin Can Cooking (2014-09-15)

Whilst people arrived we played a quick game of Octopus led by Emily and the other leaders prepared by cutting up food, getting a fire bucket and laying out the plates and cookers.

We held our News Circle: John went for a guided walk in town; Theo slept at the weekend; Oliver had fish fingers and beans for supper; Daniel rode a camel at Heythrop; Dylan slept on the floor rather than in bed; Matilda ate raw runner beans; Freya celebrated her father's birthday; Rayan went strawberry picking; Ayoub has a new slide; Yasmine has a new kitten; Luke found a hibernating snail; Ximena climbed the Castle Mound for the first time; Emily held an Open House as part of Oxford Open Doors but no one came; Isis went to the caravan for Ivo's birthday, some while ago; Natty learnt some bad opera music; Morrigan played Magic Kitten with a friend; Polly swam a length at swimming; Imogen was bought a bracelet and earrings by Natty; Izzy visited some colleges during Open Doors; Lena went to the fire station for Open Doors and a little boy let off the siren and the crew also had to leave for a real fire; this was Hannah's first Woodcraft Folk session; Jay got flushed down the toilet today (with a pinch of salt?); Ivo missed St Giles Fair; Joe saw floats and some Mr Potato Head people at a fair whilst visiting his grandma in Devon; Rafiq made an Amazon wishlist; Kique showed us a model he had made at Dance Camp. Tim has a new dog Lola.

We started cooking, I forgot to take photos so here is one of a previous session.

The cooking went well, though many ate the cheese and bread raw.

The group played outside whilst the leaders cleared up.

We held our closing circle.

Leaders: Emily, Rana, Tim
Helpers: Meriem, Hannah
Elfins: 22
Woodchips: 1

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