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Monday, 22 September 2014

Preparing to Camp (2014-09-22)

The evening was bright and not too cold so we decided to meet on the playing field. The children entertained themselves climbing on the substation, in the bushes and running on the field.

We held a circle to see who was here, choose games and have a biscuit.

We chose to start with Stick in the Mud as Dead Ants is a bit too uncomfy on the grass.

Then we played a couple of rounds of Octopus.

We returned inside and Emily led a question and answer session about what to bring to camp.

We sang a lot of songs: Campfire's burning, Bumblebee, Red River Valley, Back of the Bus, Axes, Blue Lake and Rocky Shore and last but not least Charlie was a pigeon.

We held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Emily, Tim, Rana
Helpers: Ximena, Meriam
Elfins: 22

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