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Monday, 30 April 2012

Kite Making (2012-04-30)

We started with circle and news, we were joined by Nia who is going to be coming with Lisbeth.

Tegan told us about kite flying from around the world, with pictures from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and China.

We decided to play Greek Statues rather than Dead Ants of Linked Disease.

Tegan showed us how to make the kites from plastic bin lines and straws.

Tim blew some bin liners up to use as large balloons.

Ilona designed a wind sock, with a cross made of willow to keep the mouth open.

There was quite a bit of running around with kites and ballons!

We ended with The Woodcraft Folk Are We.

Leaders: Tegan, Debbie, Tim
Helper:Lisbeth, Anna
Children: 17

Monday, 23 April 2012

Parachute Games and Campfire Songs (2012-04-23)

We started with circle and news: many of us had been on hostel at the weekend.

We took suggestions for the order we should play the Parachute Games in. Which was: Mushroom, Shark attack, Greenhouse, Washing Machine.

It turned out that we had exactly the right number of people, sixteen, for everyone to have a handle of the parachute.

In Mushroom the parachute is lowered and then rapidly raised to fill with air, whilst everyone shouts 'mushroom' and one person, chosen beforehand, says an attribute, such as brown hair. Members of the circle with the attribute let go of the parachute and cross to the other side. 'Has eyeballs' and similar resulted in the parachute floating off on its own.

Shark Attack led to multiple fatalities.

Greenhouse was new to me. An especially large mushroom then everyone takes two steps forwards, under the parachute, and sits down tucking the parachute under them. One person is chosen to stand in the middle and be the tent pole. Now we had a space to sing Black socks and Baby Bumble Bee.

We then sang campfire songs: Donna Donna, Blue Lake and Rocky Shore, Axes, We are the Woodcraft Folk and Red River Valley.

Axes took some explaining, as the children did not really understand Mutually Assured Destruction!

We had time for a last Parachute Game of Washing Machine where four children sit in the middle of the parachute, facing outwards with their arms up, the circle rotates and wraps them up and then rapidly unwinds them.

We ended with The Woodcraft Folk Are We.

Leaders: Tegan, Debbie, Tim
Children: 12

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Court Hill Hostel 2012

Many of us went on Hostel at Court Hill Hostel.


Arrived at about seven o'clock, had cocoa, biscuits and singing.

Many stayed awake quite late!


An early start we had breakfast at 7.30

We walked to the fort where we had snacks and played Tails.

We walked back for lunch followed by crafts.

We had a Merrymoot with guitar from Hilary and Boffin.

We played outside and had a campfire.

People were quicker to go to sleep!


The children played outside once they had packed.

and some made a warning about the monsters in the wood.

More photos.

Monday, 16 April 2012

World Games (2012-04-16)

We started with double news, as everyone had much to tell of the Easter break. We welcomed Molly and Arran who are starting this term.

Tegan explained the idea of the World Friends theme and we all told of our connections and experiences outside the UK. Ilona is Hungarian for Helen, Tegan was born in Morocco and Molly in the USA.

Tegan had prepared some games from around the world and we voted on which order to play them in.

Boom from Belgium had Dylan in the centre of the circle with his eyes closed. We all passed a bean bag from hand to hand. When Dylan had counted down from a random number in his head he shouted Boom and whoever had the bean bag became an obstacle. The remaining players have to pass the bag over the increasingly big gaps until the last player is the winner (Tessa).

Handkerchief Game from Mexico, again in a circle, with everyone looking inwards. One person has the handkerchief and places it surreptitiously on someone's head, then runs around the circle. The wearer chases, the placer tries to sit in the wearers' place before being caught. We carried on until everyone had had at least one chase.

Statues from Greece. One person is the Curator (Ilona) and has to spot statues moving. Statues must move while the curator's back is turned. If they are spotted then they are out.

Un, Deux, Trois, Soleil from France was Molly's version of Eagle and Chicks or Grandfather's footsteps which we played in the whole length of the hall.

Dragons from China involves two teams, in a line, holding onto shoulders (waists next time) with a tail tucked into the trousers of the last person. The head of each dragon has to catch the tail of the other. This didn't work too well, as the dragons fell apart and some people fell over, but no tears.

We ended with the circle song.

Leaders: Tegan, Debbie, Tim
Helpers: Richard, Louise