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Monday, 25 February 2013

Inclusivity (2013-02-25)

We played a game of Octopus whilst people arrived.

We held a circle for Circle News: Jay has returned now that the nights are shorter, lots of people had made cupcakes, Rayan and Jago had been to the zoo, Arran's mum hurt her leg clearing brambles, Leto's teacher has started having a baby, Millie-Maye has a plastic bandage to sleep in for her injured arm. Tim cleared brambles in Warnford Meadow and also, earlier in the week, found a wallet containing money and driving license, buried for five years in the Warnford Orchard, which he is going to send back to the owner, as her dad still lives where she used to live.

Tegan then explained about inclusive games and we chose which ones we wanted to play.

We started with Snakes in the Pit.

Then we decided to play Dead Ants.

We held a circle where Tegan explained how we were going to invent new inclusive games.

We split into three groups: one had blindfolds and played a game where the two wearing the blindfolds had to guess who had made a particular sound; one played Wink Murder where the "blind person" had a neighbour helping them know when they had been winked; one played penguins and eggs without sound.

We ended with singing Happy Birthday and the Closing Circle Song.

Leaders: Tegan, Debbie, Tim
Helpers: Lisbeth, Rana
Elfs: 24
Woodchips: 1

Monday, 18 February 2013

Fire and Cooking (2013-02-18)

We played a game of Octopus led by Debbie whilst people arrived.

We held our Circle News: Connnie had made a model Hot Air Balloon from Papier Maché, Arran hurt his thumb with a brick, Ivo has gone to the next level in Reading, Hazel has been typing up a story, Dylan has made a Tudor Rose, Lena made pancakes, Tessa saw a stag with 14 hinds on Exmoor and many others had also had been away for half term.

Debbie led a game whilst Tim cut up the cans for Tin Can Cooking.

We deep-fried bread, cheese, parsnip and red pepper.

Rob, Ellen and Lisbeth led fire lighting outside.

We sang Bumble Bee, riotously round the fire and ended with the Closing Circle Song.

Leaders: Tim, Debbie
Helpers: Lisbeth, Rob, Ellen, Renno, Jeff
Elfs: 20
Woodchips: 1

Monday, 4 February 2013

Peace (2013-02-04)

Whilst people arrived we played a game of Octopus.

We had Circle News: Rayan roasted marsh mallows at a fireworks party, Izzy lost her first tooth, Lena bought a new phone for her Mum, Arran's dad got a new phone, Xanthe's brother is eleven, Millie-Maye made an exploding parcel den to scare Xanthe's mum, Millie and Debbie visited family as Millie's grandfather died, Magnus went to Dom's rollerskate party, Nia discovered which things were magnetic, Molly made a chinese dragon, Jago went to Alton Splash Park and ate as much as he liked, Flora is looking forwards to the Talent Show at school, Katy is going to the Peak District, Ivo is learning about the Tudors.

Tim had brought in the international peace flag. We talked about the peace symbols we knew.

We made peace flags.

All the while Hilary processed CRB applications.

Loads of great flag designs.

And concentration.

We returned to a circle and showed Hilary how we sing Black Socks

Then Hilary lead us in singing A mighty song of peace

and Peace will come.

We ended with the Closing Circle Song.

Leaders: Tegan, Tim, Debbie
Helpers: Lisbeth, Liz, Renno, Richard
Elfs: 22
Woodchips: 2