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Monday, 15 December 2014

End of Term Party (2014-12-15)

We played a game of Octopus whilst people arrived and gave Debbie and I farewell cards.

We blew up balloons.

We held our News Circle: Oliver had a scented candle in his advent calendar; Daniel made a wreath at the Barracks Lane Community Garden; as did John; Ivo got his Christmas tree yesterday; Rafiq told us that Kike left his tee shirt whilst at his sleep over; Kike had his school nativity play; Raffa had a nice weekend at home; Jay gave his sister lego for her birthday today; Lena's dad setup the new television, which is new for Christmas, but didn't take it down again; Izzy is going to sing with her choir, in black and red, this evening after Elfins; Debbie went to see Snow Queen at the Pegasus which was funny and good; Millie showed us a stocking she was made by a friend and another by her mum, for her birthday; Imogen has learnt to tell the time; Joe's news was that this was his last news, self-referential as ever; Dylan had the same news; Emily also went to Wreath Making at the Community Gardens; Matilda went to athletics today; Jeff is going to London tomorrow; Natty will Rock You!; Isis, tried to get away with a 'no news news' but was persuaded to let us know that she was given the Fifa 11 football game which Dylan has beaten her at; Morrigan has sent her letter to Father Christmas (weeks ago); Tim, stupidly late, bought a lapel pin badge from the Woodcraft Shop, this led to a great conversation with another customer whilst waiting for wood at Powell's the wood merchant, once the natural confusion over woodwork and woodcraft had been cleared up it was great to talk about woodies: wear a badge and spread the word! Rana has been unwell but is better now and thanked all the woodies who have supported her; Rayan found a marble rock today; Yasmin told us (herself) that Rayan had been for a sleep over; Meriem cooked a great couscous today; Ayoub went to a toyshop and bought a toy and then went to the cafe.

Emily told us that we had raised £64.28 for Helen and Douglas House at the Green Party Fair.

Tegan and Rolly joined us.

We played another game of Leavers Octopus first with Mille, Joe and Dylan as the Octopi, then with Debbie and Tim.

Joe played piano.

We ate the party food.

Some played a game of balloon chase and Ivo had a tooth come out, but it was wrapped up and put in his pocket.

Debbie and Tim got lots of cards.

We were joined by parents and held a circle where Debbie and Tim were given a Woodcraft tea towel and tee shirt. We sang Freedom,

Bog Down in the Valley

AMighty Song of Peace

and Red River Valley

We held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Tim, Debbie, Emily, Rana
Helpers: Raffa, Ximena, Meriam
Parents: Brian, Cathy, George, Jeff
Visitors: Tegan and Rolly
Elfins: 20
Woodchips: 1

Monday, 8 December 2014

Merrymoot (2014-12-08)

We played games whilst people arrived then held our News Circle: Joe had a Friends Christmas Lunch at the weekend; Dylan has his second rehearsal for the school play; Isis did card making at school; Ivo plays Dr Who in the play; Raffa had to stay at home with Mali who was ill; Ayoub fed the ducks yesterday; Oliver has a prize in Ice Hockey; Jay received a late birthday present of Lego animals; Natty played football and his team won; Morrigan went for a walk in the forest; Lena visited friends and her shoe broke; Izzy passed her piano prep test; Emily went to the Green Fair on Saturday (late news we raised £64.28 for Helen and Douglas House); Matilda's parents came to school and taught a lesson; John had the first rehearsal with the whole school; Theo learnt a card trick; Cathy went to the second Play Out in the street on Essex Street; Debbie had a stall at the Green Fair; Millie had her tenth birthday; Rafiq didn't open his advent calendar today; Daniel went to Shotover; Ximena had hot chocolate with friends; Luke brought in the Christmas tree; Morrigan got out the Christmas tree; Imogen had her first rehearsal for the school play; Polly is in the Christmas play; Kike has feet; Tim was at home as Flora was ill;

We spent some time thinking about Merrymoot acts or playing as Tim wrote down the running order.

The show was opened by Joe playing Living it up on piano.

Matilda played Make way for the King

Izzy played a duet with Emily

Theo showed us the card trick he has learnt

Ayoub did a dance

Morrigan showed us the soft toys she has made

Rafiq sang and acted out Dumb Ways to Die

Lena, Izzy, Yasmine and Matilda performed the Christmas story

Tim, yet again, played Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on his Chalumeau.

Natty did a performance, John told a joke

Imogen and Polly sang a song

Jay performed the Dance of the Zombie Spider

Joe played us out with Cheaky Chappie and Come on and Party.

We all sang Charlie was a Pigeon.

We held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Emily, Debbie, Tim
Helpers: Raffa, Ximena, Miriem, Cathy
Elfins: 21
Woodchips: 1

Monday, 1 December 2014

Lantern Making (2014-12-01)

As people arrived they played Tag and then Octopus.

We held our News Circle: Jay had his birthday party yesterday; Rayan will soon have her birthday and had friends down from London at the weekend; Lena went to Matilda's Teddy Bear party; Amber has finished writing her book; Morrigan went to her grandpa's and had ice cream and raspberries; Imogen has new trainers; Polly made a shaker today; John is going to be a narrator in his school nativity play; Raffa was not well over the weekend but is better now; Kique is also going to be in the nativity play; Rafiq opened his advent calendar to find a chocolate; Luke found two snails on the way to the session; Ximena has finished reading Winnie the Pooh and House at Pooh Corner with Luke; Joe was in a traffic jam; Oliver is expecting a trophy in ice hockey; Daniel is narrating in the nativity play; Milly has ten days until her tenth birthday; Debbie just saw a Charles Street standoff between a taxi and another car; Theo is going to play a Mule in the Nativity; Natty has a sticky mouth; Tim cleaned out the African Land Snails.

Millie wasn't well but still came!

We all very quickly made lanterns, lots of people knew how to do it already, as each was finished we lit a candle and put it in the central circle. Those who had finished played chase for a while.

As the grown ups cleared up those who had finished decided to play a game of Wink Murder, without any input from the adults.

We decided to play another round of Wink Murder in the Dark.

We had a discussion as to what we should do next and Lena suggested Serial Stories, she explained that the game went around the circle in turn with each person adding one sentence to the story, this was such a good idea that we decided to do this. Debbie started us off, this is what I can remember of the story:

Once upon a time in the dark forest there was a boy alone in a house. A zombie approached the house. The microwave made a ping. The boy was making baked beans. The Zombie was actually how Father Christmas had disguised himself. The police arrived and arrested the zombie. Father Christmas had dropped his toy sack. To prove who he was Father Christmas told the policeman where his toy sack was. The policeman left Father Christmas in the cells and went to find the toy sack. The policeman liked the idea of a magic toy sack and thought he would keep it to himself. Father Christmas, who has the magical ability to be everywhere at once got his toy sack back. There was some problems with zombies who fell into a volcano but there was so much white tissue paper in the sack that the volcano rained down white fluff and there was a White Christmas everywhere.

We sang Charlie was a Pigeon and then held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Debbie, Tim
Helpers: Raffa, Ximena, Amber
Elfins: 16