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Monday, 15 December 2014

End of Term Party (2014-12-15)

We played a game of Octopus whilst people arrived and gave Debbie and I farewell cards.

We blew up balloons.

We held our News Circle: Oliver had a scented candle in his advent calendar; Daniel made a wreath at the Barracks Lane Community Garden; as did John; Ivo got his Christmas tree yesterday; Rafiq told us that Kike left his tee shirt whilst at his sleep over; Kike had his school nativity play; Raffa had a nice weekend at home; Jay gave his sister lego for her birthday today; Lena's dad setup the new television, which is new for Christmas, but didn't take it down again; Izzy is going to sing with her choir, in black and red, this evening after Elfins; Debbie went to see Snow Queen at the Pegasus which was funny and good; Millie showed us a stocking she was made by a friend and another by her mum, for her birthday; Imogen has learnt to tell the time; Joe's news was that this was his last news, self-referential as ever; Dylan had the same news; Emily also went to Wreath Making at the Community Gardens; Matilda went to athletics today; Jeff is going to London tomorrow; Natty will Rock You!; Isis, tried to get away with a 'no news news' but was persuaded to let us know that she was given the Fifa 11 football game which Dylan has beaten her at; Morrigan has sent her letter to Father Christmas (weeks ago); Tim, stupidly late, bought a lapel pin badge from the Woodcraft Shop, this led to a great conversation with another customer whilst waiting for wood at Powell's the wood merchant, once the natural confusion over woodwork and woodcraft had been cleared up it was great to talk about woodies: wear a badge and spread the word! Rana has been unwell but is better now and thanked all the woodies who have supported her; Rayan found a marble rock today; Yasmin told us (herself) that Rayan had been for a sleep over; Meriem cooked a great couscous today; Ayoub went to a toyshop and bought a toy and then went to the cafe.

Emily told us that we had raised £64.28 for Helen and Douglas House at the Green Party Fair.

Tegan and Rolly joined us.

We played another game of Leavers Octopus first with Mille, Joe and Dylan as the Octopi, then with Debbie and Tim.

Joe played piano.

We ate the party food.

Some played a game of balloon chase and Ivo had a tooth come out, but it was wrapped up and put in his pocket.

Debbie and Tim got lots of cards.

We were joined by parents and held a circle where Debbie and Tim were given a Woodcraft tea towel and tee shirt. We sang Freedom,

Bog Down in the Valley

AMighty Song of Peace

and Red River Valley

We held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Tim, Debbie, Emily, Rana
Helpers: Raffa, Ximena, Meriam
Parents: Brian, Cathy, George, Jeff
Visitors: Tegan and Rolly
Elfins: 20
Woodchips: 1

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