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Monday, 25 November 2013

Banner Making (2013-11-25)

We played Dead Ants whilst people arrived.

We held a News Circle: Ivo and Pip watched Day of the Doctor which was both scary and silly; Joe went to a laser tag party on Saturday; Dylan made butternut squash soup with soda bread; Rana and Rayan planted oak trees at the school tree planting day; Iona had her four year old friend over at the weekend; Millie-Maye has a sore throat; Xanthe had a sleep over as an evacuee at cubs; Flora was in a crane making team with Katy and Magnus and won the competition; Connie has new shelves in her room; Millie has gone up a book in cello and will be playing in a concert; Izzy had her first christmas party on Sunday; Matilda met Santa Claus on Sunday and learnt that reindeer drop their horns; Tegan discovered that a friend has been poorly but is getting better and is going to visit her; Lena is going to swap rooms with her sister and is going to paint her new room turquoise; Tessa is going to Edinburgh and will sleep in a fold out bed; Molly went to her brother's birthday party; Debbie planted bluebell bulbs; Rafiq has a new Skylander character Gill Grunt from a car boot sale; Jay had a very nice new teacher today; Tim cooked chicken for grandparents and flora's aunt and cousin and helped her make a life sized sheep from a white woollen blanket.

We voted on which game to play: Four Corners.

We continued colouring letters for the banner.

We sang A mighty Song of Peace, Red river Valley, Stewball, The Hammer Song and the round Wouldn't It Be A Wondrous Thing.

We held our Closing Circle and sang our Closing Song.

Leaders: Debbie, Tegan, Tim, Rana
Elfins: 18

Monday, 18 November 2013

Parachute Games and Singing (2013-11-18)

As it was a rather wet day less people than usual made it to the session, but those that did were full of beans. We started the de-bouncing by a game of Octopus.

We held a News Circle. Jo had his birthday party on Saturday; Dylan cam fourth in his karate competition; Rana taught Rayan the Arabic alphabet and her first Arabic sentence; Rayan had a sleepover at a friend's house; Rafiq has started a new thing at the Pegasus; Nia is learning about Aladdin at school and her group has chosen the Lamp Cave as their project;

Matilda went to her grand parents; Lena's fifteen year old cousin baby-sat at the weekend; Izzy's Uncle's birthday party is at her house tomorrow; Iona went to church at 7.30am to rehearse for an 8.10am slot on Radio 4; Tegan has her first day off work for three weeks tomorrow; Xanthe watched Billie Elliot; Millie-Maye had Xanthe over to play; Pip has felt unwell all day; Connie has a new Winter coat; Magnus did science at school; I cleaned out the African Land Snails (let me know if you want some tiny ones!).

We played Parachute Games of Mushroom, Greenhouse and Roll the Ball.

Also Shark Attack and Cat and Mouse.

We sang Black Socks and Charlie was a Pigeon in the Greenhouse.

We held a Song Circle and sang We are the Woodcraft Folk, Axes and Blue Lake and Rocky Shore.

Tegan taught us Stewball and then we sang Red River Valley.

We held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Tegan, Tim, Rana
Elfins: 15

Monday, 11 November 2013

Banner Making 2013-11-11

We played Octopus whilst people arrived.

We held a News Circle: Rayan went to friend's house, who had a new baby; Izzy had a school photo; Millie went for a four hour walk; Debbie is doing an IMPS session at the hospital; Xanthe and her friend Anna had written to the Queen five weeks ago and has had a reply which she read out; Millie-Maye performed a magic trick she has learnt; Connie has had a cold for the last two days; Flora made a project on Sloths which she has sent to Blue Peter to get a badge; Tegan got a Blue Peter badge when she was little for a drawing of one of the presenters; Tessa is going to have a Climbing Wall party at Brookes; Jay had Multi-Skills at school; Ivo bumped into his friend at school and now has a wobbly incisor; Tim saw a bat this evening; Pip fell out of bed this morning; Joe's birthday is tomorrow; Dylan is going to a Karate contest; Rafiq went to art class today; Ranna cooked pumpkin soup.

Tim handed out badges from Woodcraft central office.

We decided to play Wink Murder. Everyone had a turn either as Detective or Murderer

Whilst Tegan supervised making the banner everyone not involved played Dead Ants

Everyone cut out and decorated a letter.

We held out Closing Circle.

Leaders: Tegan, Debbie, Ranna, Tim
Helpers: Emily
Elfins: 14

Monday, 4 November 2013

Sparks in the Dark (2013-11-04)

I would like to pretend I knew it was Devahli, but actually Iona told me, but we held our session by candle light!

We played a game of Pass the Keys. We sat in a circle and passed keys behind our backs whilst the person in the middle tried to guess who was holding them.

We told our News: Pip has a Drobot and Ghost Swords from Skylander; Lena is now seven and had a halloween birthday; Jeff went to windy bonfire on Saturday; Matilda had a surprise visit to the dentist who pulled out two of her teeth; Izzy has lost her two top front teeth; Molly's mum has bought fireworks; Tegan had friends to stay; Connie and Flora had a fireworks party at Flora's house; Kay and Flora went to Oasis in Swindon; Magnus has a ghost in his bedroom; Anna, new to the group, has a brother who kept his teeth in a jar; Dylan had a birthday last Sunday and was given Skylander toys; Ivo was bitten by a spider on his palm; Kathy, Anna's mum, has broken ribs; Jay has his birthday coming up; both Nia and Arran went trick or treating with their best friends; Tessa had a sleepover at her best friend's house; Iona saw new born piglets at a family friend's farm, though two died it could have been much worse; Xanthe watched fireworks which she found a bit scary; Tim lit fireworks on Saturday and pressed apples on Sunday.

We talked about sparkler safety before going outside. Four adults lit the sparklers, everyone had two.

We also played with the cold sparks: the fire steels.

We went back inside and sang songs, Arran chose Bubmlebee as he is leaving for Sri Lanka and will not be back for six months. We sang Dorcas and Black Socks before singing our Closing song.

I realised that for the first time I had taken no pictures, but it was a dark session.

Leaders: Tegan, Tim
Helpers: Jeff, Kathy, Meriem
Elfins: 19