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Friday, 18 July 2014

End of Term Party (2014-07-14)

It was warm and the hall had equipment for the school play so we held a news circle in the Willow Dome.

Daniel went camping at Uffington and made a bow and arrows; Oliver went to St. Giles' Fair; Arran, who will be leaving for the Forest of Dean, had been to Medley Manor Farm to pick gooseberries; Dylan was pleased that Germany won the World Cup; John is going to visit his cousins in the holidays; Rana was treated to a surprise Lebanese party; Rayan went to a birthday party on Saturday; Tegan, who joined us with Rolly, has moved house and is stripping wall paper; Roly is now five months old; Connie went to HomeBase to buy chairs; Flora, who is leaving us, went camping at Uffington and went on two walks; Millie has a new sewing machine on which she is making a quilt; Debbie is going to treat her cat using herbal medicine; Jay is going to Australia; Ivo has a very wobbly tooth which he wobbled for us; Rafiq got two Speeders from Boswell's; Joe won the family sweepstake on the World Cup; Natty and Imo had made masks for a greek play they were going to perform for us, but there was not enough time; Molly is practising for the play at school; Kique has no Dancing as it has finished Summer; Polly's little sister has her birthday on Saturday; Emily took Flo to Donnington Doorstep; Lena went camping; Izzy went to a wedding and was a bridesmaid; Freya's dad helped her make a panda from loom bands; Jasmine was wearing a necklace made of loom bands; Xanthe, who will be moving up to Pioneers, is performing Sleeping Beauty with Millie and the East Oxford Ballet School; Millie-May, who is also leaving, went swimming with friends and lost a tooth; Tim has a new car and went camping at Uffington; Tony went to the White Horse as well.

We went in in groups of six to help ourselves to the enormous amount of fruit.

We played on the equipment and went back for seconds, thirds and fourths.

Our leavers posed on the equipment.

We held our closing circle around a horse chestnut tree.

Leaders: Tim, Debbie, Emily, Ranna
Helpers: Tegan, Louise
Elfins: 24
Woodchips: 2

Monday, 7 July 2014

Merrymoot (2014-07-07)

The good weather and the approach of the End of Term saw everyone in high spirits. There was a stage in the hall for the school play so we used this for our MerryMoot.

The Cowley Road Carnival.

When we had all arrived we held a News Circle: Molly had been to a party and had brought enough sweets to share with everyone, she gave them out while we carried on; Nia had been hit by stone thrown by somone's little brother, though it was an accident; Polly ad a little bear from the school fete; Arran went to his grampa and grandmas'; Pip farted in school; Ivo has already made ten loom bands; Rob had too much fun at the Cowley Road Carnival; Gia wasn't saying; Daniel went on a two day holiday to Keyhaven; Oliver watched his sister dance at the Cowley Road Carnival; Magnus brought in his Russian civilian model GP-5 gas mask designed in the cold war and manufactured in the 1970s; Lena has made 18 loom bands; Ranan has learnt how to make Loom Bands; Matilda held a joint party with Natalie on Saturday; Freya was invited to make loom bands by a boy at school today; Flora went to the Cowley Road Carnival and watched her sister in the parade (above); Connie went too and had an enormous candy floss; Rayan Rayan went to Matilda's party where there was a treasure hunt with chocolate treasure; Izzy went to the Cowley Road Carnival and saw friends; Matti went to see How to train your dragon 2; Joe watched the Tour de France and Wimbledon; Dylan burped one minute into a five minute silence and had to start again; Kique watched the Tour de France; Tim went to the Cowley Road Carnival and had his Mum to stay.

The Merrymoot was opened with a dance from Matti.

Dylan showed us his Karate moves.

Magnus led the now traditional competition to shout Quanong the loudest and highest.

Arran with a magic banana trick where he slice a banana with the power of his mind alone.

Kique did break dancing.

Joe did the Worm.

Molly and Polly sand Do you want to build a snowman.

Pip and Ivo put on a show.

Flora played the Clarinet.

Izzy, Matilda, Rayan and Lena sang the Little Green Frog song to bring the stage show to a close.

For the next performance Emily lined people up in order of their energeticness, then gave them a slip with one of bog, tree, branch, twig, leaf, nest on.

Then we sang Bog Down in the Valley, jumping up when it came to your word.

To end we sang Charlie was a pigeon.

We held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Tim, Emily, Rana
Helper: Rob
Elfins: 20
Pioneer: 1
Woodchip: 1