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Monday, 30 January 2012

Moving Pictures (2012-01-30)

Session started with news and we welcomed two new elphins: Iona and Xanthe.

We then played Dead Ants followed by Four Corners and Linked Disease.

We all made moving pictures, either stapled to a willow wand or attached to two rubber bands these form a thaumatrope!

We played parachute games: Shark Attack and Washing Machine.

Finished off with a quick game of Octopus followed by circle song.

Leader: Tim
Helpers: Ellen, Chiara and Adrian

Monday, 23 January 2012

Tee Shirt Making (2012-01-23)

Tegan was leading the session and started with news followed by Linked Disease.

Tegan had brought green T shirts and fabric pastels to decorate with Woodcraft motifs. Some did designs on paper first, others jumped in.

The shirts need to be ironed, using newspaper or a teatowel to protect the iron, to make the fabric pastel safe to wash.

Everyone took home a shirt, which can be worn at future sessions or merrymoot.

The session ended with games of Octopus and the new favourite Snake in the Pit.

Leaders Tegan, Debbie, Tim
Helpers Ellen and Cathy

Monday, 16 January 2012

New Games (2012-01-16)

Thank you to Brian

Gabbi organised a collection and presented Brian with a Cordyline australis and we all signed a thank you card.

New Games

Snake in the Pit

Pit marked out with clothes and adults.
One child chosen to be snake.
Snake can only wriggle, not stand up. Everyone places finger on snake.
Leader shouts "Snake in the pit".
Everyone tries to escape snake, but cannot leave pit.
When itted you too become a snake.
Leaders extend the size of the pit as there are more snakes in it.
Game over when everyone is a snake. Last person to become a snake is snake next time.

Animal consequences

Everyone has a strip of paper folded into four. You draw a head, fold and pass it on, then a body, then a tail and finally name it, passing on each time. Your neighbour then reads the name and shows it.

Session ended with a quick game of four corners.

Leaders Debbie, Tim

Monday, 9 January 2012

Games and Planning (2012-01-09)

After a circle to decide we started with a good game of Dead ants

This was followed by Octopus and finally Linked Disease.

The children made the following suggestions for this term: Tie dye shirts, Ponchos, Octopus and seaweed suits, Cheetah and ostrich suits, Write up rules of our games, Make stick bread, Hold a Woodies Show (a Merry-Moot), Make up some new games, Trip to Shotover, Night Walk in the Kidneys, Parachute games, Torch Tag, Singing.

Brian handed over the Woodies Parachute, First Aid Kit and a new Book of Members.

Leader's Planning Meeting arranged for Wednesday 7.30 at Debbie's.

Leaders Debbie, Tim
Helpers Brian, Tegan, Chiara