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Monday, 16 January 2012

New Games (2012-01-16)

Thank you to Brian

Gabbi organised a collection and presented Brian with a Cordyline australis and we all signed a thank you card.

New Games

Snake in the Pit

Pit marked out with clothes and adults.
One child chosen to be snake.
Snake can only wriggle, not stand up. Everyone places finger on snake.
Leader shouts "Snake in the pit".
Everyone tries to escape snake, but cannot leave pit.
When itted you too become a snake.
Leaders extend the size of the pit as there are more snakes in it.
Game over when everyone is a snake. Last person to become a snake is snake next time.

Animal consequences

Everyone has a strip of paper folded into four. You draw a head, fold and pass it on, then a body, then a tail and finally name it, passing on each time. Your neighbour then reads the name and shows it.

Session ended with a quick game of four corners.

Leaders Debbie, Tim

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