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Monday, 26 November 2012

Green Fair Making (2011-11-26)

There were some problems with the start: Tegan was delayed due to traffic problems caused, probably, by the floods. I was not planning to arrive until later as I had a course all day, thanks to Adrian for 'phoning. Debbie led the News Circle and then Tegan and I turned up.

The bags had arrived and so we were able to paint them!

Everything that we have made will be on sale at the Green Winter Fair but many children have asked that their work be held back, just displayed at the fair, so that parents can buy them at our first session after the fair.

Some people made cards as well.

We ended with the Circle Song.

Leaders: Debbie, Tegan, Tim
Helpers: Kiara
Elfs: 14
Woodchips: 1

Monday, 19 November 2012

Songs, Games and Making (2012-11-19)

We started with news: Magnus and I went to Don Smith's wake, Don's House is remembered as a special place, particularly the fairy toilet. Flora painted the bathroom. Tessa learnt chess, but has yet to beat her dad. Iona went to a naming ceremony.

A small group, changing throughout the session, made sqidgies with Tegan by pouring flour into a balloon through a funnel and decorating them.

The main group played games with Debbie and Tim.

We played Four Corners which Nia won.

Dead Ants

Parachute Games: Shark Attack and Soft Ball.

We sang songs: Axes, Red River Valley, Blue Lake and Rocky Shore

Dorcas, Black Socks, Baby Bumble Bee and Puff the Magic Dragon.

A great collection of Squidgies for the Green Winter Fair.

We ended with the Circle Song.

Leaders: Tegan, Debbie, Tim
Helpers: Lisbeth, Louise
Elfs: 15
Woodchips: 1

Monday, 12 November 2012

Winter Fair Making (2012-11-12)

We started with circle news: Magnus showed a fossil which may have been coral. Leyla joined us as she is staying with Iona and Izzy.

We played a game of Dead Ants.

We then made cards, gift tags and stamps (in preparation for next week) which are to be sold at the Green Winter Fair. Items which are intended for sale to parents will be marked with a sold sticker and there will be an opportunity for parents to buy them at the first meeting in December.

It was Jo's birthday, so we ate some cake he had brought in and sang Happy Birthday

We ended with the Circle Song.

Leaders: Tegan, Tim
Helpers: Lisbeth, Kiara
Elfs: 15
Woodchips: 2

Monday, 5 November 2012

Coke Can Cooking (2012-11-04)

A hectic session with three activities, eighteen children and seven adults!

We started with circle news: Flora went to London and Xanthe went to St Davids in Wales and did coastal orienteering (coasteering).

We then cooked vegetables on soft drink can stoves.

We went outside where Rob had lit the fire. We toasted pitta bread and had a sparler each.

We went back into the warm for the circle song.

Leaders: Tegan, Tim, Debbie
Helpers: Rob, Richard, Brian, Emily, Kiara
Elfs: 17
Woodchips: 1

Equipment List - outside fire

Portable barbecue
Leather gloves 
Bag of twigs

Pitta breads

Plastic bucket for hand washing and fire safety.

Equipment List - coke can cooking

8 soft drinks cans
Scissors (with point)

Sunflower oil

Baby Bell Cheeses

Vegetable knife
Chopping board

Loaf of bread
2 butter knives
Paper plates