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Monday, 4 November 2013

Sparks in the Dark (2013-11-04)

I would like to pretend I knew it was Devahli, but actually Iona told me, but we held our session by candle light!

We played a game of Pass the Keys. We sat in a circle and passed keys behind our backs whilst the person in the middle tried to guess who was holding them.

We told our News: Pip has a Drobot and Ghost Swords from Skylander; Lena is now seven and had a halloween birthday; Jeff went to windy bonfire on Saturday; Matilda had a surprise visit to the dentist who pulled out two of her teeth; Izzy has lost her two top front teeth; Molly's mum has bought fireworks; Tegan had friends to stay; Connie and Flora had a fireworks party at Flora's house; Kay and Flora went to Oasis in Swindon; Magnus has a ghost in his bedroom; Anna, new to the group, has a brother who kept his teeth in a jar; Dylan had a birthday last Sunday and was given Skylander toys; Ivo was bitten by a spider on his palm; Kathy, Anna's mum, has broken ribs; Jay has his birthday coming up; both Nia and Arran went trick or treating with their best friends; Tessa had a sleepover at her best friend's house; Iona saw new born piglets at a family friend's farm, though two died it could have been much worse; Xanthe watched fireworks which she found a bit scary; Tim lit fireworks on Saturday and pressed apples on Sunday.

We talked about sparkler safety before going outside. Four adults lit the sparklers, everyone had two.

We also played with the cold sparks: the fire steels.

We went back inside and sang songs, Arran chose Bubmlebee as he is leaving for Sri Lanka and will not be back for six months. We sang Dorcas and Black Socks before singing our Closing song.

I realised that for the first time I had taken no pictures, but it was a dark session.

Leaders: Tegan, Tim
Helpers: Jeff, Kathy, Meriem
Elfins: 19

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