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Monday, 4 February 2013

Peace (2013-02-04)

Whilst people arrived we played a game of Octopus.

We had Circle News: Rayan roasted marsh mallows at a fireworks party, Izzy lost her first tooth, Lena bought a new phone for her Mum, Arran's dad got a new phone, Xanthe's brother is eleven, Millie-Maye made an exploding parcel den to scare Xanthe's mum, Millie and Debbie visited family as Millie's grandfather died, Magnus went to Dom's rollerskate party, Nia discovered which things were magnetic, Molly made a chinese dragon, Jago went to Alton Splash Park and ate as much as he liked, Flora is looking forwards to the Talent Show at school, Katy is going to the Peak District, Ivo is learning about the Tudors.

Tim had brought in the international peace flag. We talked about the peace symbols we knew.

We made peace flags.

All the while Hilary processed CRB applications.

Loads of great flag designs.

And concentration.

We returned to a circle and showed Hilary how we sing Black Socks

Then Hilary lead us in singing A mighty song of peace

and Peace will come.

We ended with the Closing Circle Song.

Leaders: Tegan, Tim, Debbie
Helpers: Lisbeth, Liz, Renno, Richard
Elfs: 22
Woodchips: 2

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