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Monday, 28 January 2013

Cooperation (2013-01-28)

We started with Circle News, Dylan and Ivo showed us their certificates and Dylan's medal from their karate grading. Flora has moved up a grade in gymnastics. Molly can do a cartwheel. Nia has been making a dragon. Magnus went to the deep, dark wood. Kobi has lost two teeth and Tessa told us that her grandfather has died.

We discussed which Parachute Games to play and decided upon Mushroom and Shark Attack

Finally we added balls to the parachute to illustrate Cooperation and the way in which the group can reach Consensus by controlling the ball to send it to a named person or roll all the balls, together, around the edge of the parachute.

We ended with the Closing Circle Song.

Leaders: Tegan, Tim
Helpers: Lisbeth, Emily, Liz, Renno, Jeff
Elfs: 20
Woodchips: 2

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