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Monday, 15 October 2012

Animal Games (2012-10-15)

A very well attended session. We started with Circle News, and introductions as we had two new Elfins: Jay and Finn, and one old leader Brian who most remember as a leader last year. Connie met Cork Paul at here school. Leto brought in an enormous puff ball!

We played a game of Hedgehog's Homes.

Where the number of homes was reduced each round.

Until all the hedgehogs were in one home!

The next game was Fox and Rabbit where all the children were in pairs, and at any one time there was one rabbit and one fox. A rabbit could join a pair to escape the fox, and a new rabbit would leave the pair. If the fox caught the rabbit then they swapped. This was great game with much shouting for the rabbit to shelter in a particular lair.

The last game was Bat and Moths. We were all bat conservationists, helping the blindfolded bat to catch the moths. Whenever the bat emitted an echo of Bat! the moths had to reply Moth!.

As the conservationists slowly wound up the parachute to help the moths!

We ended with the Circle Song.

Leaders: Tegan, Tim, Debbie
Helpers: Elsbeth, Kiara, Brian, Paul
Elfs: 15
Woodchips: 5

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