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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Trails in the Kidneys (2013-04-29)

We played games whilst people arrived and contact details were collected.

We headed off for our trek into the Kidneys, first Numbering Up; each child has a number, which they shout in turn to check we have all 21 children.

We had a great walk, eating Jack by the Hedge, climbing over stacked cord wood from the plantation, eating biscuits by numbers.

We stopped by the full moon party fire, met a lovely greyhound belonging to boat people moored there, and sang Black Socks and Bumblebee. We carried on walking, some singing The Folk All Dressed in Green some tree spotting.

We got back to the hall and held a final circle.

Leaders: Tegan, Debbie, Tim
Helpers: Richard, Liz, Cathe
Elfs: 21
Woodchips: 0

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