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Monday, 24 June 2013

Tin Can Cooking (2013-06-24)

We played Octopus whilst people arrived and more can stoves were made. Tessa helped cut up the food into small enough pieces to be cooked on cocktail sticks.

We held a Circle in which we decided that the best way to distribute biscuits, in the absence of News, was for every one to say their name, an animal that they liked and a colour they liked before taking a biscuit and passing them on. We had green ferrets, red tigers and turquoise sloths, to name a few.

Tim explained the procedure should anyone burn themselves: get up and run to the water bucket, put burn in water and then scream.

We divided into groups of up to four with a tin stove per group.

We cooked peppers, cheese, bread, peas, baby sweet corn and parsnip.

We had time to sing We are the Woodcraft Folk and A mighty Song of Peace before singing our Closing Circle Song.

Leaders: Tim, Tegan, Debbie, Rana
Helpers: Richard, Ellen
Elfins: 22
Woodchips: 1

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