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Monday, 1 July 2013

Games and Singing (2013-07-01)

We played Dead Ants until everyone had arrived.

We had a circle, with raisins to chase the speakers. Dylan had watched his dad's band, Michael has a birthday this week, Hazel, Tegan, Molly, Richard, Tim Jo and Ivo went to District Camp, Lena is going to a splash park, Pip had found a screw, Katie has got her two boy rabbits, Flora is looking forwards to the end of term in three weeks, Nia and Magnus have written a rude story, Jay went to the White Horse, Jago went to Brighton, Iona is looking forwards to being looked after by her dad on her own, Xanthe is in the Elves and the Shoemaker at the Pegasus (as is Jago), Izzy is going to a splash park, Ivo had his first wobbly tooth on camp, Tim made the fire at District Camp.

We played snakes in the pit, there were a few minor accidents so the injured stood out and took photos, too many to post all here.

We then sang songs: Charlie was a pigeon led by Flora and Katie, Axes led by Jo, She'll be riding six white horses led by Tegan and Red River Valley, in a welsh accent and We are the Woodcraft Folk to cheer everyone up again.

We ended with our Circle Song.

Leaders: Tim, Tegan
Helpers: Richard, Elizabet
Elfins: 19

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