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Monday, 14 October 2013

Hand Prints (2013-10-14)

We started with a little drama, as Tim had forgotten the keys, and had to come in through the open door from the playground, Brian saved the day as he had the key for locking up.

We played Octopus, a little too roughly and words had to be had about games not working if the rules are not followed.

We held a circle, this being a singing week we were not due to hold a News Circle but the clamour for News was strong! Whilst other people's news sometimes fails to fascinate everyone it is very important to some members who prepare what they are going to say well in advance.

It will soon be Dylan's birthday; Kobe's Dad's birthday; Ivo is going to his cousin's house; Jo is going to Dorchester; Rafiq went to the zoo on his mother's birthday; Pip is going to the school Halloween disco next Thursday; Tegan's partner has had his birthday; Arran has had his jabs in preparation for going to Sri Lanka; Xanthe had a sleepover; Millie-May went to a toy shop; Gena is going to York; Jay has been to Croatia; William went on a school trip; Matilda has a wobbly tooth; Debbie has to buy new tyres; Millie has gone up a level in cello; Tessa went for a sleep over at a friend's house; Iona hopes to have the first class pet: a rescued goldfish; Hazel went to see a 3D movie; Lena will soon have roller skates for her birthday; Connie and Flora were filmed at dance, the film will be shown in Japan by their teacher; Flora discovered her Mum when she fainted and told Tim; Tim spent four hours in A&E on Saturday, as Ruth had fainted on Saturday morning and hit her head after breaking her toe on Friday.

We decided to play Duck Duck Go whilst people went in pairs to draw around their hands in preparation for decorating them for the banner.

We then decorated our hand prints.

We sang We are the woodcraft folk, Campfires burning and Bumble Bee.

We ended with our Circle Song.

Leaders: Debbie, Tim, Tegan
Helpers: Liz
Elfins: 23

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