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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tin Can Cooking (2014-02-10)

Whilst people arrived Debbie led a game of Dead ants and then Octopus whilst Tim showed carers the Health Forms printed out for Hostel.

Our allocation for Hostel is twenty places, we currently have applications for twenty nine. Fortunately we can hope to be given some of Woodstock's allocation.

We held a flash News Circle: Ivo has played table tennis; Joe couldn't think of any news in the time provided; Dylan's police badge was broken and kicked at school; Lena and Rayan are having a sleep over; Rayan is having a friend over; Matilda has been swimming; Izzy has a wobbly tooth; Magnus was wacked by someone; Jay played football and has annoying boots; Nia bough a raccoon in town; Molly did papier maché at school; Rafiq upgraded skylander; Pip has one more audition for his new school; Imogen's mum is having a baby; Natty has an extending, scrolled paper stick from a party; Millie-Maye's guinea pig Mr Pinkie may have a kidney problem; Xanthe has had a haircut; Connie went to London for her cousin's eighteenth birthday party; Iona went swimming;Tim has updated the group registration system.

Tim explained the dangers of hot oil and candles, telling those with long hair to tie it back and should anyone get burnt to run to the water bucket first then to scream.

Iona suggested, and led, a game of Four Corners whilst the food was prepared.

We divided into groups of three or four and each had a plate of chopped carrots, parsnip, peppers and bread. Everyone cooked and ate their food.

We held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Tim, Debbie, Ranna
Elfins: 19

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