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Monday, 8 September 2014

First Session of Term (2014-09-08)

A rushed start as Tim was late! Emily could not come as Izzy was ill, Debbie could not come as her cat was not well.

Once we were in the hall Rana and Meriam led a game of Dead Ants

We held a News Circle: Polly got a plush parrot when she was with her cousins in France; Ivo got lots of money for his birthday; Isis went to a friend's birthday party; Ayoub, Yasmine's brother, joined us, he has started school; Yasmine lost her kitten; Rayan went swimming with her friend Iona and there was an inflatable island in the pool which was very slippery; Joe went to Paris, Rome and Venice by sleeper train; Natty has a new baby sister; Rana lost all her keys for two days, they were handed in to the library but only after she had had to break into her apartment; Jay was scratched by a cat on Saturday, his father, Brian, has had a heart attack but is doing well and is not in hospital; Theo joined us for the first time; Matilda and Freya both lost a tooth at each other's sleep over; Lena has been to Stagecoach and played the part of a pirate; Daniel swam in a river in France; Dylan is now in the last class at school; John went to Arran by ferry and stayed in a holiday cottage; Kique's sister fainted; Oliver showed us a treasure chest he found; Imogen told us that her and Natty's new sister is called Genevive Charlotte; Tim went to see his new dog Lola which will be coming home on Thursday.

It was decided to play outside.

We came inside and sang songs: Be Happy led by Kique, Bumble Bee, Hammer Song (which did not work well), Bog Down in the Valley Oh (the extended Forest School Camps version) and a finished on Charlie was a Pigeon

We held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Rana, Tim
Helpers: Meriem, Ellen
Elfins: 20
Woodchips: 1

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