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Monday, 10 December 2012

Merrymoot (2012-12-10)

Quite a few people who could not make it due to illness. I forgot to take any photos.

We told our news around the circle: Iona has hurt her foot; Millie-Maye has a sprained elbow; Lisbeth has a new Stove; Izzy has a school disco; Xanthe has been to see two plays, one of which her cousins have performed in. Magnus went to the Deep Dark Woods and spread Don's ashes in Shotover; Dylan has been to see Dick Wittington; Arran made mince pies; Jago is going to his old school fete. Ivo spent break running away from his worst friend. Whilst Jo and his family were picking up his Christmas tree his mummy left the boot shelf out, and reversed over it, but it didn't break. Connie has a neighbour who has a blow up santa in the shape of Homer Simpson; Flora was slapped by a classmate.

At the end of the circle Xanthe showed her jazzy Rudolph.

We then made a list of all the turns that people wanted to perform.

We decided to play Dead Ants whilst those who needed to rehearse did so.

We sat in a circle around the piano, and had a biscuit waiting for the show.

Merrymoot 2012
Flora Showed an acrylic of an elephant
Connie Showed her reindeer
Jago Performed MnaMna
Arran Did a coin trick and sang a song.
All Sang Puff the Magic Dragon
Ivo Sang A recipe for Disaster
Flora Played Jingle Bells on the clarinet
Xanthe Played Scarborough Fair and Saint Paul's Steeple on the piano
Magnus Invited a number of volunteers to an arm wrestling tournament
Iona Played Jingle Bells on the piano
Magnus and Jago Demonstration pecking fight
Jago Another, improved, performance of MnaMna
Xanthe Played Two Themes on the piano
All Sang Little Donkey, led by Molly

After a quick vote, and another half biscuit, we decided to play Four Corners with first Millie-May and then Jago in the blindfold.

We had lost track of time: we ended with the Circle Song.

Leaders: Tim, Lisbeth
Helpers: Jude
Elfs: 11
Woodchips: 0

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