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Monday, 3 December 2012

Walk in the Dark (2012-12-03)

Everyone arrived on time and already wrapped up, so we did not have a circle, instead going straight out.

Tegan brought in the bags that had been held back from the Green Winter Fair. (There are still a few left, they cost £1.50).

Before we went out everyone was given a number around the circle, we practiced shouting out in order, a trick that had worked well in the dark at Shotover.

We walked around Aston's Eyot, stopping by Don's Wake for a biscuit, given out in number order.

We walked on, identifying trees by outline and scaring each other.

When we had crossed the bridge to the Kidneys we again ate biscuits by numbers, a great way to check no one is lost.

We had a small difficulty getting back into the school, as I did not have the door combination, but Brian saved the day.

Now we had time for News: Iona had brought in her purchases from the SSMJ Winter Fair. Millie-Maye had had her face painted at Xanthe's house. Jo had learnt how to spell phelgm. Jago demonstrated the Gangnam Style dance craze.

We had a discussion about how to fill the last few minutes, Wink Murder winning the vote.

We ended with the Circle Song.

Leaders: Debbie, Tegan, Tim
Helpers: Oliver, Richard, Cathy
Elfs: 13
Woodchips: 0

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