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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Bats and Balls (2013-09-16)

We played Octopus whilst people arrived.

We held a names and favourite animal circle to welcome William. Tim showed the new Bat Detector.

We had a quick game of Octopus as the last one had not finished, then the bat man, Peter, arrived and we went out into the last of the sunshine on the playing field.

Unfortunately the bat detector was not working, due to flat batteries it turns out, so Peter told us some fantastic facts about bats. The Indian fruit bat has a wing span of two metres.

We returned to the hall for a game of Dead Ants.

We then played Parachute Balls followed by Shark attack.

We held a song circle to sing Blue Lake and Rocky Shore, Black and White and finally Docas.

We sang our Circle Song

Leaders: Tim, Debbie
Guest : Peter
Elfins: 17

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