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Monday, 9 September 2013

First Session of Term (2013-09-09)

We played Octopus whilst people arrived.

We had News, with names as we welcomed Yasmine.

Tim has bought a Bat 5 bat detector for the group. Dylan has gone up a level in swimming; Iona went to France and swam 102 lengths without stopping; Xanthe has lost her tailless cat Nigel; Pip say a bat; Lena went to the Zoo Marine in Portugal; Rayan went to the beach; Ivo had a birthday by the beach, in a caravan; Millie and Debbie went camping on a farm near Durdle Door and walked an alpaca; Izzy has a wobbly tooth; Matilda has two wobbly teeth; Molly went swimming near a beach; Flora has a tortoise called Birmina; Katy went to three campsites in France; Tegan is going on holiday to Florence; Arran made a scary, bloody finger box, which he showed; Jo took a 24 hour crossing to Bilbao and the drove up through France to Normandy.

We played Dead Ants.

We held another circle to discuss what activities we would like to do this term. These suggestions will go into the term plan.

We chose to play a game of Four Corners.

We held our closing circle.

Leaders: Tim, Tegan, Debbie, Rana
Helpers: Richard
Elfins: 17

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