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Monday, 28 April 2014

Planning and Playing (2014-04-28)

Whilst people arrived we played Octopus.

We held a News Circle, with names as we have a few new members: Tim has been laying a parquet floor; Izzy went to Scotland; Lena went to a play space with a slide; Matilda DID break her arm and was not just whining; Freya's grand parents came over and they went for a walk in the woods; Pip had a sleepover at Rafiq's and played Minecraft; Rafiq has Pip's shoes left over at his party; Connie and Flora, separately, went to Go Outdoors and bought tents and equipment for the FSC camp they are going on next weekend; Jay played football on Saturday; Ivo went to Jesse's Supreme Science party; Nia learnt to play Blue Lake and Rocky Shore on the piano, which she promised to play for us later; Molly went on a narrow boat, swam in a muddy lake and went to a model village; Imogen got new shoes which came with a light up headdress; Polly went to her cousin's for Easter and had an Easter egg hunt; Natty showed us his Hex Bug setup; Millie went to ballet and made a bookmark on her sewing machine; Debbie went to Thame Country Fair and saw lots of dogs; Xanthe had her birthday last Tuesday and got shoes and a onesie; Iona went to her cousin's confirmation yesterday at Christ's Hospital School; Dylan went to Hampton Court Palace; Joe went to Majorca where it was hot but the pool was not; John went to York and saw lambs; Oliver went to Florida where it was really hot; Daniel went to Keyhaven and had a double icecream; Matti has SATs in two weeks.

As the weather was nice we went outside and played on the equipment.

We came back inside for singing, which was started by Nia playing Blue Lake and Rocky Shore which we sung along to. We sang Black Socks, Stewball, Axes, Back of the Bus and finally Charlie was a pigeon.

We held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Tim, Debbie
Elfins: 23
Woodchip: 1
Pioneer: 1

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