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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Tee Shirt Making (2014-05-12)

We played Dead Ants as people arrived.

We held a News Circle: Flora made a house for a Fimo creature she made; Connie has been making a Minpin house; Rayan is now at level four in swimming; Ranna is pleased that Rayan now has a bike; Daniel went to the cinema on Saturday; Olly had two friends over after school and they went to the park; Annie, a pioneer, joined us as a helper; Xanthe had her ears pierced last Monday; Debbie made Millie a skirt; Millie is going to do Sleeping Beauty at Ballet with Xanthe; Izzy went to Pizza Express for her mum's birthday and went to a museum; Lena went to the library on Saturday; Kike did a back flip from the sofa; Matilda had her cast off today; Rafiq's cat has had kittens and his tooth came out whilst he was eating a drumstick; Joe demonstrated that he has learnt to do the Worm dance move; Ivo has been studying Anthony Brown's book Into the Forest and he was picked to read out his blurb; Nia has no news; Molly went to Dancing on Saturday; Natty has a Sling Rocket which he showed us; Freya watched a film; Imogen showed us a toy; John went to see Annie Stanton at the Story Museum; Al is organising the Fossil Free Future demonstration; Jude went to the Park with a friend; Dylan had no news; Jay has an Olympic sweat band; Molly has started Rainbow Loom bands; Tessa went to the goldfish bowl and bought two goldfish: Waves and Aqua; Iona had a desk tidy and had to give some stuff away; Tim used all his compost in a new flowerbed.

We decided to play a game of Octopus before starting on the Tee Shirts.

We held a circle to give out the shirts and crayons. Tim explained that the Woodcraft Logo should probably feature and that crayons would have to be shared as we did not have enough for everyone to have their own set.

We held a Song Circle and sang Little Bunny Foo Foo, Black and White, Bumble Bee before launching into Charlie was a Pigeon and a rousing Closing Circle Song.

Leaders: Tim, Debbie, Ranna
Helpers; Jeff, Annie
Elfins: 23
Woodchip: 1

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