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Monday, 19 May 2014

Fossil Free Future (2014-05-19)

Whilst people arrived Debbie led the choosing and playing of Dead Ants.

A lot of people attended, but we still held a News Circle, even though Tim had forgotten the biscuits! Tessa went badger watching in Wytham Woods on Friday; Iona played football yesterday; Feya went strawberry picking on Saturday; so did Rayan; Izzy went to a great party for her dad in a barn; Lena helped at the Wallingford Food Festival; Kique had No News; Ivo had a nose bleed in karate and has a Messi football sticker (very rare); Joe did a fourteen lap fun run in Cutteslowe Park; Xanthe played croquet; Millie-Maye is excited that her birthday is soon and may have her ears pierced; Connie's brother's toe nail fell off at Dancing; Millie planted carrots in her own vegetable patch; Debbie showed us the skirt she made for Millie, she is now making a dress; Al is starting a new job tomorrow; John went to Wood Festival; so did Mati who got three glitter tattoos; Imogen climbed a tree in flip-flops and slipped and scraped her ankle; Molly watched Frozen and sang us 'Let it go' supported by Natty; Arran is back from his travels in Sri Lanka where he stroked a baby elephant and Morocco where he played with wild baby tortoises; Jay played football on Saturday; Daniel got crystals from Wood Festival; Oliver listened to music and got a wooden sword at Wood Festival; Ellen, a District Fellow at Oxford University, joined us to tell us about climate change; Dylan is up in arms that the line painters have painted a rounders pitch on the football pitch at school; Magnus went to Wood Festival and chipped wood which was as exciting as watching teachers do maths; Natty brought in a Speckled Wood butterfly he had caught; Polly showed us a model dog in its home which she bought at Wood Festival; Matilda went to her cousin's and then to the London Aquarium and hopes to go to the London Eye for her birthday treat; Pip met a creeper, a spider and a skeleton for the first time in Minecraft; Tim is tired due to staying up too late doing a parquet floor.

We discussed whether to play outside or do our tee shirts and which to do first. There was a rush for outside.

We came back in and Ellen led a session on Climate Change.

Tim gave out the Tee Shirts from last week, please wear them if you go to the March on May 31st, meeting at Radcliffe Camera.

We held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Ellen, Tim, Debbie
Helpers: Al, Lizbeth
Elfins: 24
Pioneers: 2

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