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Monday, 20 October 2014

Story Telling with Jackie Singer (2014-10-20)

We played Octopus and Dead Ants whilst people arrived.

We held our News Circle: Ayoub has a new bike; Yasmine's mum has a new car; Dylan is ten in a week; Joe is going to Norfolk; Ivo was hit by a wooden brick at school; Raffa introduced himself; Theo has made up a new language; John walked with Theo and others from Thornhill; Jackie brought us a story; Jay is going to Hill End on the 19th of November; Luke found a snail and named it Pale Snail; Chimena saw her favourite birds, long tailed tits, in her garden; Emily (and Flo) walked through Warneford Meadow and saw a jay, not a 'big chaffinch'; Rayan saw a dead bird that had probably been killed by a cat; Oliver played ice hockey yesterday; Rana is very tired; Natty vaporised his teacher; Polly's neighbour had a party; Morrigan is going to France; Daniel went to Florence Park and played tennis; Isis made a witches mask; Lena is eight in a week and four days; Matilda hurt her shin; Tim dug a hibernation hole in the greenhouse for his tortoise.

Jackie started the session by getting the group to synchronise, clapping and calling in time and then varying the volume.

Jackie told the whole story of Anansi and the Wedding Invitation, acting it out as she told it.

A couple were planning their wedding, but decided not to invite Anansi as he and his children ate too much.

In order to prepare the food the bride's family had to cook rice and so needed water from the river. The youngest daughter was sent to fetch water but when she dipped her calabash in the water music started to play and she could not help but dance. She danced until she could no longer stand and lay down. The next daughter was sent but the same thing happened. The big aunt went to see what had happened, but the magic music started to play when she filled the calabash and she too could not stop herself from dancing.

When the bride groom arrived there was no food ready, so everyone went to the river, where they found those who had already gone and they too started to dance.

The bridegroom realised what was going on and shouted out "Anansi show yourself!", Anansi did, saying that as he was not to be invited to the party then he had brought the party to him. Everyone apologised to Ananasi and went back to cook the wedding breakfast.

Jackie then had us divide into groups to play the daughters, Anansi, the River and the wedding guests.

Jackie playing the big aunt.

The spider musicians.

Return to the cooking fire.

We held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Emily, Rana, Tim
Helpers: Jackie, Raffa
Elfins: 20
Woodchips: 2

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