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Monday, 6 October 2014

Wildlife in our Gardens (2014-10-06)

Whilst Tim got the adults to check our registration forms Emily, Debbie and Rana led some games of Dead Ants

and Octopus.

We held our News Circle: Daniel went to three parties; Oliver showed us his giant Hex Bug that he got for his birthday; Kique went to a zoo and saw the most poisonous spider in the world; Lena spent the weekend with Izzy and went to the Story Museum; Izzy had some Norwegian visitors; Emily spent a lot of time tidying for her visitors; Morrigan did cooking today; Imo's mum's birthday is today; Polly couldn't remember what she had done on Saturday; Debbie has started her Christmas shopping; Milly went to a friends farm and lost their dog but used walky talkies to find it; Natty had a serious conversation with Imo about devils; Rafiq needs more gold coins to buy flying boots; Dylan has a birthday soon; Joe asked us "What is your favourite coloured number of the alphabet?" to which the answer is "Potato"; Luke found four earthworms; Ximena went to Boundary Brook Nature Reserve and saw an owl; Rana fell over at an Eid celebration; Rayan went to an Eid party on Saturday and a Farm on Sunday; Jay watched Kung Foo Panda (so did Tim); Theo has reached a new level in Minion Rush; John went to Theo's house a few days ago; DJ Matt Rush showed his books at Ivo's School; Isis's karate teacher has had a new baby boy; Tim has shared Memrise with his daughters.

We decided to play some games before the main activity. Most of our games are rather hectic, which not everyone enjoys, so we decided to play a most structured game: Duck, Duck, Goose.

We then made bird feeders from popcorn, peanuts, apples and suet balls.

We held a circle and sangHappy Birthday to Oliver and our Closing Song.

Leaders: Emily, Tim, Debbie, Rana
Elfins: 20

All Photos.

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