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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Drama (2013-12-02)

We played Dead Ants whilst people arrived.

We held out News Circle: Dylan is starting latin next term; Ivo made a rainstick for his Rainforest project; Tessa's brother is coming back from Edinburgh; Iona went to the Winter Fair and has 18 days until her birthday; Xanthe went to the Winter Fair and showed us some of the things she bought; Erica joined us for the first time, she had been to the Winter Fair; Millie has a birthday in eight days and showed an illuminated Christmas decoration she had made at art club; Debbie is looking for her Christmas tree; Lena stayed up until half past ten at the neighbour's party; Rayan went to a Christmas show; Matilda went to the first of her two Thanksgiving parties; Pip has a blocked throat and a toy called Rocky; Tegan had an injection in her bottom as she is pregnant and rhesus negative; Connie has lego all over her bedroom floor; Millie-Maye went to the Winter Fair and bought a dressing gown; Rafiq got a dalmatian onesie on his sister's birthday; Joe went to his School Fete on Saturday; Tim is making a Tudor model.

Tegan read us the first part of a Malaysian folk tale, we had to think of an ending for our drama.

We decided to play Linked Disease, Tessa explained he rules.

We split into groups to rehearse the story so far and think of an ending.

An Elephant and a Tiger were walking in the forest when they were taunted by a monkey in a tree. The elephant bet the tiger that he could trumpet the monkey down, the tiger said he could and would eat the elephant if he won. The elephant tried but the monkey only laughed. When he tiger roared the monkey fell from the tree in fright but the tiger said he wouldn't eat him because he could now eat the elephant instead. The elephant was very sad and begged to go and tell his family. The tiger agreed as long as the elephant returned in a week. On his way home the elephant was discovered by the mouse deer who asked what was the matter. When the elephant told him the mouse deer said not to worry as he would sort out the tiger ....

My group's continuation:

The mouse deer found the tiger and bet him that he could beat him in a race. The tiger laughed and said that if he could he could have anything he liked. They agreed that the monkey should lay the course, which he did but through very dense jungle. When they raced the tiny mouse deer won as he could squeeze through. "Now I ask for the life of my friend the elephant" said the mouse deer.

We just had time to sing Manchester Rambler and Back of the Bus.

We held our Closing Circle and sang our Closing Song.

Leaders: Debbie, Tegan, Tim, Rana
Elfins: 15

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