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Monday, 9 December 2013

Performance (2013-12-09)

We played a few games whilst people arrived, as Tegan was going to be late.

We held a News Circle: Matilda has chosen and decorated her Christmas Tree; Lena has hers, with flashing lights; Izzy had a friend around; Xanthe went to a ballet show on Sunday; Millie-Maye has her winter hat and scarf down from the loft; Erica was in the Big Christmas Sing which was on the front page of the Oxford Times; Iona has a sore throat and her sister had a bad cold; this is the last session of the term for Dylan and Ivo as they have a Christmas Play at school next week; Joe had a show today and has one next Tuesday; Ivo found a toy in a charity shop; Rana is glad that Rayan can go to swimming again as her broken arm is mended; Rayan is looking forwards to her birthday in January; Rafiq found a toy at a car boot sale; Pip found out he is going to get Skylander stuff for Christmas; Debbie's birthday is tomorrow; Debbie is taking Millie and some friends to do woodcraft skills at Hill End; Connie went skating at the ice rink; Molly has decorated her tree; Jay has his second wobbly tooth; Tim has been making a Tudor Pigsty with Flora and has a pussey, infected finger; Tegan has been to a parenting class.

We split into our groups to rehearse.

The first group had the Mouse Deer betting the tiger that he could win a race, through a rigged course, so saving the elephant.

The second group introduced more tigers, so the tigers were more interested in fighting than eating the elephant.

The third group suggested that they all eat bananas.

Tegan told us how the story ended in the book: the mouse deer glued herself to the elephants back with treacle and told the elephant to pretend to be very frightened and in pain when they met the tiger. The tiger heard the deer say "this elephant isn't enough, I want to eat tiger next" so ran away. The tiger met the elder monkey and told him what he had seen. The monkey said it was just the mouse deer up to his tricks, and suggested they go back and check. When they arrived the deer said "Monkey I told you to get me two tigers to eat, why have you only brought one?" so the tiger became very cross with the monkey. This is why the monkey lives in the trees, the elephant and the tiger are not friends but the elephant and the mouse deer are.

We had just enough time for a game of Four Corners.

We held out Closing Circle, singing Happy Birthday to Millie and our Closing Song.

Leaders: Tegan, Debbie, Ranna, Tim
Elfins: 17

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