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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Merrymoot (2013-12-16)

We played dead ants whilst people arrived.

We held a News Circle and wrote down who planned to do a turn in the Merrymoot. Magnus had been to a posh house in the country; Flora is preparing for a Tudor Banquet at school; Pip has broken through a level in Harry Potter wii; Rafiq has a skylander Voodoo character from the car boot sale; Jeff watched The Snowman; Matilda is learning about Russia and went to a Russian shop on the Cowley Road where she chose a Russian biscuit; Rana did the Christmas cards; Rayan had a tooth fall out; Izzy has a new tooth coming through; Lena was in a Nativity show; Millie's rabbit has died; Debbie enjoyed Hill End bush craft; Xanthe is learning the flute; Tegan will be taking her first break from Woodies in seven years - to have her first baby; Connie went to Oxford Spires to rehearse a performance; Millie-Maye went to Xanthe's house and Iona made her stroke a cat; Tessa is looking forwards to a second, family, Christmas in Dorchester on the 27th; Iona's birthday is on Friday; Tim cut his finger whilst whittling a model Tudor pig sty.

People needed a little while to rehearse;

then we played Snakes in the Pit.

Nia and Magnus performed the now traditional Shout Quanong the loudest competition: Xanthe was the loudest, though strong competition from Pip and Molly.

Flora played We wish you a merry christmas on the clarinet.

Pip, with volunteers Magnus, Nia and Rafiq, did a performance.

Matilda played Church Oreo on the piano.

Matilda, Lena, Izzy and Rayan sang Jingle Bells.

Tim played When the Saints Come Marching In on the Chalumaux.

Xanthe and Iona played Jingle Bells on the flute and piano.

Molly sang We three Kings accompanied by Xanthe on the piano.

Tessa and Iona performed a play with talking model animals, which ended when all the cast were dead.

We ate the party food and let off poppers.

We held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Tim, Tegan, Debbie, Rana
Helpers: Jeff
Elfins: 16

Yearly Attendance Chart

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