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Monday, 13 January 2014

Games and Songs (2014-01-13)

We played Octopus whilst people arrived.

We held our Circle News, dominated by Christmas presents: Flora is going to have a horse riding assessment test; Millie-Maye and Xanthe had prepared an illustration of their new skill: foot writing; Ivo has the book of Skylander Spires Adventure; Jay got a bow and arrows for Christmas; Rafiq got Lego Mindstorms; Pip got Skylander Swap Force; Dylan got a microscope; it is nine days until Izzy's birthday; Imogen had no news; Debbie has applied for a new job; Molly went to a water park; Milly has a wand and a soap making kit; Connie got a sewing kit; Rayan had a birthday party which Rana baked a cake for; Matilda went to her first German class and learnt a german song; Lena told us all about Christmas morning leading up to getting a keyboard; Natty can dart like Quicksilver; Tim got a wand making machine and will bring it to camp.

We decided to play a game of Shark Attack, followed by Parachute Ball.

We played a game of Dead Ants.

We held s Song Circle and sang Blue Lake and Rocky Shore, Bumble Bee, Back of the bus, Black and White, Black Socks and Charlie was a Pigeon during which most of the circle began flying around the rest!

We held our Closing Circle and sang our Closing Song.

Leaders: Tim, Debbie, Ranna
Helpers: Patience, Zoe
Elfins: 16

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