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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Bird Feeders (2014-01-20)

We played Octopus whilst people arrived.

We held our News Circle: Matilda went to Mia's party on Saturday; Lena's Dad has nearly finished her new room; Izzy will be seven in two days; Nia has just had her party for her seventh birthday; Molly slipped on ice in the playground and hurt her leg; Debbie's interview is tomorrow; Milly lost a tooth; Connie went to see Frozen at the cinema with school; Xanthe went to see Cats, which her lodger is performing in; Milly-Maye went to Xanthe's house and had the giggles; Ivo got his finger trapped in the door; Joe saw a biscuit in his near future; Dylan went to his first latin class at the Iris project where he learnt that the Latin for boy was pronounced pooer; Tim went to the Oxford District Woodcraft Folk Annual General Meeting and learnt three new party games with much laughter.

Tim explained that next Sunday is the Big Garden Bird Watch and so we were going to make bird feeders.

We decided to play a new game before making the feeders: Wibble Wobble. Everyone starts out as a Wibble Wobble. You play Rock, Paper, Scissors with someone else. The winner becomes a Horse, the loser stays a Wibble Wobble. Horses have to find another Horse and if they win the become Royalty, is they lose then they become a Wibble Wobble again. Royalty play against each other, the winner remaining Royalty and the loser becoming a horse again. This games has no natural end, so Tim ended it with the shout of Woodcraft Folk.

We then made Bird Feeders using cocoa nut shells to protect them from the rain. The feeders had two strings onto which were threaded annular cereals (cheerios), cocoa nut slices, baby bells, apple slices and peanuts in their shells.

We lined up with our feeders to a spontaneous outburst of Charlie was a pigeon.

We sang our Closing Song.

Leaders: Tim, Debbie
Helpers: Lizbet
Elfins: 12

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