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Monday, 27 January 2014

Penguin Games (2014-01-27)

Whilst we waited for everyone to arrive some adventurous souls got out the ropes, after we had asked the head mistress if it was OK. Two benches were arranged in parallel and people swung from one to the other. Next time we will work harder on turn taking and sharing.

We held our Circle News: Flora had a horse riding assessment; Connie is performing a dance with her group; Milly's godmother went to India and brought her back some glass bangles which she showed us; Debbie is going to be Keeper of the Fire on Hostel and has finished knitting a stylish hat; Tessa has discovered that her grandfather was famous as he had an obituary in the paper; Iona made a robot at school where they held a robot parade; Zoe went to a hotel for the weekend; Jay has a jelly cat; Molly also was in the Robot Parade at school; Izzy was seven last Wednesday; Rayan played pass the parcel and other games at Izzy's party; Lena too went to Izzy's party and then home for chocolate; Matilda has a German book to go with her German course and has read the first few pages; Rafiq recommends Ice Age 3 strongly; Pip sang us a song he has made up about his three headed dragon; Xanthe showed us her bear with a poncho she made at District Camp; Millie-Maye has a very itchy wrist;

Tim told about an incident this morning: Flora was waiting at the cross roads on her bike when a car stopped at the give way, beside her, and the grown up signalled for her to cross the main road. Flora did as the grown up said. This was not the right thing to do, as there might have been a car coming. We talked about polite ways of saying No to grown ups.

We first played Penguins where each child has a chair. One child then stands up and is the penguin, who walks in a penguin way towards the one spare chair. Before the penguin can sit down others need to fill the hole, creating a new hole so the penguin needs to change direction.

We played a quick game of Huddle, where the children pretend to be emperor penguins surviving against the cold. Even without shoes on this didn't work terribly well.

We played a game of Wibble Wobble which we learnt last week.

We held a circle and decided to sing what is fast becoming our favourite: Charlie was a Pigeon, many of the children flew around the circle whilst singing.

We sang our Closing song with much gusto.

Leaders: Tim, Debbie
Helper: Zoe
Elfins: 14

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