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Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas Cards (2014-11-24)

We started by playing games, helped by two visiting Venturers Beth and Rosie.

We held out News Circle: Dylan will grade for his second stripe blue karate belt next weekend; Kique has gums and feet; Ivo fought with his friend Anton at break; Rafiq slept over at William's; Ximena saw brilliant dancing in the rain on Saturday outside the Natural History museum; Luke found an orange snail; Morrigan went swimming with her grandma; Isis told us that Dylan had pinched her in the eye in the car to the session; John had the biggest breakfast ever at OxFork; Emily went to the Beetroot Cafe on the Cowley Road; Theo, eventually, remembered he had a new game on his dad's iPad; Joe went to Insomnia, a gaming get together; Raffa has been helping someone write a story; Oliver had Kique come over for tea this evening; Natty is a Gummy Bear; Polly has a new plush rabbit from a cake sale; Jay made pizza at cookery club; Beth has joined us from Venturers to help with the session; Izzy has her piano test coming up; Imogen got new boots at the weekend; Rosie, also a venturer, was impressed with how quick and to the point our news is; Lena watched Madagascar at the weekend; Matilda told us that it was Thanksgiving last Thursday, but that her family had celebrated it on Saturday; Tim had his nephew staying Saturday night and went to watch Flora dance with the Ark T Dance group outside the Natural History Museum.

Emily explained that we were going to make Christmas Cards to sell at the Winter Fair in support of Helen and Douglas house, where Isis, Ivo and Dylan's dad works and where very sick children get extra care.

We had card, cutters and sparkly glue.

When the cards were finished the Venturers led a great game of Stick in the Mud followed by Dead Ants.

We had a quick circle, in which we decided to sing Charlie was a Pigeon after we had sung our Closing Circle Song but sadly we could not overcome tradition and the session ended at the end of the song. Next Week we will sing it before!

Leaders: Emily, Tim
Helpers: Ximena, Raffa
Venturers: Beth, Rosie
Elfins: 20

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