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Monday, 10 November 2014

Games and Songs (2014-11-10)

Both Rana and Tim have had operations this week, but we had Raffa to help.

We started by playing Octopus.

We then held our News Circle: I have had surgery on my nasal passages and so asked everyone to be a bit gentle; Isis had a wobbly tooth which came out when she ate an apple; Kique went to two parties with Dance Camp friends; John went to his friend Milo's party and fireworks; Jay learnt a song at school which he taught us; Debbie is fostering a kitten called Toby; Millie has made a den in her bedroom; Chimena went to the South Park fireworks; Luke held a cockroach at the Natural History museum; Emily planted onions at her allotment; Jasmine and Rayan had a sleep over at Rayan's house; Izzy went to Rayan's to play; Matilda's wobbly tooth came out; Ivo went to the South Park fireworks; Raffa has two new kittens Slipper and Juno; Rafiq got some bubblegum from Tesco's; Polly has a pet mouse; Morrigan got some hair lights from the fireworks; Imogen held a hissing cockroach; Natty learnt how to make paper snowflakes; Theo went to Cornwall; Oliver went to an Ice Hockey match and will go to Greece next summer; Jo has his birthday next Wednesday; Daniel played tennis at Florence Park; Dylan has been playing on his Raspberry Pi.

We got the parachute out and played Popcorn.

Everyone had a go in the Washing Machine.

And finished with a game of Sharks and Lifeguards.

We then sang songs, with them being recorded on Tim's phone. The quality of the recording is not great!
Morningtown Ride
Blue Lake and Rocky Shore
I like the Daffodils
We are the Woodcraft Folk
Link Your Hands Together

Leaders: Debbie, Emily, Tim
Helper: Raffa
Elfins: 22

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