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Monday, 17 November 2014

Flutes with Mr Finch (2014-11-17)

We started by playing Dead Ants.

We held our News Circle: Isis scratched her thumb at play time; Kique played with two Japanese boys at Dance Camp; Oliver had Kique around; Daniel also went to the Dance Camp party on Saturday; Rayan went to Snakes and Ladders with Lena; Ivo had issues at after school club; Rafiq found a mini torch; Natty is going to his cousin's house; Morrigan is playing a new penguin game; Imogen a lego set; Polly went to the beach at her Grandmother's house; Raffa went to the Dance Camp party with the Japanese dancers; Luke has new shoes today; Ximena went to the gym and has been tired all week; Jay has been planning his party at which there will be a showing of How to Train Your Dragon II; Ester, who joined us for the session, found a stop watch with Milly; Milly created a Natural Spa with Ester; Debbie is going to the Oxfam Fair Trade Fair; Dylan has had auditions for the Christmas play; Joe went bowling on Saturday; Emily went to Stroud with Tanja and other leaders to attend the Area Network meeting; it is Mr Finch's second session with us, he came three years ago and made Scrap Instruments, and this session he is going to show us how to make flutes; Matilda went to her piano teacher's performance and had a sleepover; Lena went to a friends house and made a Vomit Pool; Izzy showed us the new Nick Cope CD which has her singing on it.

Only six children at a time could make flutes, so the rest of us organised ourselves

to play Wink Murder.

In groups we




Leaders: Debbie, Emily, Tim
Helpers: Ximena, Mr Finch
Elfins: 21

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