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Monday, 31 March 2014

Elfin Hostel 2014

This was my third Hostel, you can see last year and the year before.

This year we, Iffley Fields Elfins, joined North Oxford (Wolvercote) Elfins and Woodstock Elfins for our Elfin Hostel at Court Hill Hostel.

We were the biggest group with 29 adults and Elfins, we were 59 in total.

We arrived around 7.00pm on Friday, settled in and held our first Circle.

We changed into pyjamas and had hot chocolate

and held another circle to sing songs before bed.

We had an early, but not disastrously early, start on Saturday. After breakfast we held a circle to discuss the upcoming walk and plan for the rest of the day.

We walked to Segsbury Camp, an Iron Age fortified hilltop.

On the way we passed through a time warp and were greeted on the other side by a Roman Centurion

who ate lunch with us.

We played tails and flew a kite in the lovely sunshine.

When we got back to the hostel we divided into activities: peg loom weaving, bread making, making and playing with bows and arrows from willow, making juggling balls, plaster of paris hand molds, walking on a slack line, making friendship bracelets, and blindfolded walks in the woods.

Tegan and Rolly popped in to see us.

For supper we had a splendid tomato and mushroom sauce on pasta, with iron age bread!

In the evening we held a Merrymoot with Pip and Rafiq's Sleeping Sticks standing out!

On Sunday we tidied up and carried on playing until parents arrived for pickup.

We held our Closing Circle in which everyone said what had been their favourite bit.

Thanks to all the elfins and adults who made it a great Hostel.

All my photos of Elfin Hostel 2014

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