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Monday, 17 March 2014

Merrymoot and Rolly (2014-03-17)

We played a game of Octopus whilst people arrived (after a late start, sorry).

We held out News Circle: Connie has a cough; Natty missed out on face painting; Imogen's father brought her two dresses back from China, one of which she was wearing; Jude's Dad went to Ned's house; Rayan went for a sleep over;

Then Tegan arrived with Rolly. Everyone was very excited. Tegan's news was that Rolly is one monh and two days old. Rolly was too new for News.

Rana went for a picnic in the sunshine on Sunday; Nia found a special, dagger shaped, stick at school; Johnny went to the park; Debbie planted vegetables and manured her garden; Joe played tennis; Ivo is now on his eight times tables; Magnus went to a house near the Ridgeway and went on a bear hunt, had a competition to see who could keep their feet in a cold river the longest and then went on a walk on the Ridgeway; Iona celebrated her granny's birthday with her family; Tessa told us that a while ago, when in France, her Dad had cut himself; Dylan has been making Egyptian Pinch Pots at school; Pip has read fifty five (we counted them) of the eighty two Beast Quest novels; Rafiq showed us his Ultimate Cannonball; Jay watched Ben Ten; Millie-Maye might be going to the Unicorn school where Iona's sister Izzy goes and has a crutch because her toe hurts; Xanthe's family had friends over and they made her an account on the game that the mother had designed; Matti has four school weeks left before SATs; Izzy performed in Time at the Pegasus; Matilda played a game with a friend but now has eleven grazes; Molly watched The Voice instead of a story last night; Flora performed in the matinee and evening performances of Time at the Pegasus; Connie also danced in both performances and told us how they had seamlessly covered up for a slight mistake by one of the dancers.

We played a game of Four Corners to get the blood circulating and for those who wanted to rehearse.


We started with Magnus leading the now traditional Who can shout Quanong the loudest?

Molly gave a fabulous puppet show The Case of the Missing Sweets using a theatre and puppets she had made for the show.

Rafiq and Jay put on a show of the Cannonball and Cat.

Pip, assisted by Dylan, did a Mime of being locked in a box which morphed into a dance routine.

Imogen showed use a Dance.

Tessa played Fur Elise on piano.

Xanthe played both parts of a Duet for flute.

Matilda and Izzy sang the Square Song.

Matti played piano.

Nia played Koombya on piano.

Natty and Imogen performed a Ball Game

We held our Closing Circle

and then had more time with Rolly.

Leaders: Debbie, Tim, Rana
Parents: Jeff, Patience, Zoe, Lisbeth
Visitors: Tegan, Rolly
Elfins: 21
Woodchips: 1
Pioneers: 1

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