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Monday, 3 March 2014

Games and Songs (2014-03-03)

I had mistakenly announced that this session would be on The Iron Age, but that is next week, so apologies to Magnus who brought a fantastic flint to show.

Both Millie and Rayan were sick, so neither Debbie nor Rana could come, but happily Ellen and Lizbeth were able to stay and help.

The session started with wild play in the dark, when we had all arrived we held our News Circle: Imogen was very tired; Natty has a new series of Beast Quest; Xanthe went swimming with a four year old familiy friend Zeezee; Millie-Maye found a pair of magnetic best friends necklaces for her and Xanthe; Iona went to Woburn at half term; Tessa went to Edinburgh by train and climbed the old volcano known as Arthur's Seat with her dad; Magnus went ice skating and fell over; Nia is going to dress up as Hermione Grainger for World Book Day; Dylan's team came 10th in athletics; Joe's sister is hogging the new 3D TV; Ivo and Isis are going to start doing karate twice a week; Rafiq has performed a song called Naughty at Bee's Knees; Connie rode her new bike on Sunday; Flora is waiting for the results of an art competition she has entered on Friday; Lena went ice skating on Sunday; Izzy is going as Little Red Riding Hood for world Book Day; Matilda went to Oliver's house and played with his big sister and had Oreo ice cream; Jay is going to World Book Day as T. Rex; Tim told everyone Tegan's news: she has a baby boy called Roland Joseph Bennett Lewis.

We decided to play Parachute Games: Shark Attack and Washing Machine.

We played Four Corners, with Xanthe blind folded and Joe was the survivor.

We played a session of Dead Ants.

We had a game with the Bat Detector where the bat ran around shaking keys and people used the detector to find where the bat was.

We sang songs: Back of the Bus, Axes, Tim sang Joe Hill, everyone was very nice about it, then we sang Red River Valley to recover, and though we were over time we sang Charlie was a Pigeon before our Closing Circle Song.

Leader: Tim
Helpers: Ellen, Lizbeth
Elfins: 18
Woodchip: 1

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