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Monday, 24 March 2014

End of Term Party (2014-03-24)

We played a game of Octopus as people arrived, and then a game of Dead Ants.

We held our Circle News: Joe had a friend come over; Dylan had Karate grading on Sunday and now has a Blue Belt; Ivo now has a Red Belt which means he has to practice a new Kata; John went to a birthday party yesterday; Olly went to a party last week; Magnus had his girlfriend and her brothers over; Millie Maye sang Troubled Water at the class talent show; Xanthe brought in the things she had found on a scavenger hunt with Scouts on Saturday; Nia has gymnastics on Saturday and her uniform has arrived, the hair band of which she was wearing; it is Molly's birthday tomorrow; Isis was too shy; Rafiq held a millipede at the Science Fair and has a new monster on Happy Monsters; Pip held a queeen bee at the Science Fair; Rayan went to a friends birthday party yesterday; Debbie has been planning her hostel activity; Millie wants a kitten; Connie is going to a friends house on Thursday; Flora went to see Chris Riddell at the Literary Festival, he is going to write another Goth Girl book and another Coraline book, he signed her copy of Goth Girl; a friend of Iona's mother came round with her puppy named Tembu; Tessa told us about a neighbour's cat, Pepper, who came into the kitchen and started to eat her rabbit's food but Loki chased it off twice and then guarded his food; Lena's grandpa and step grandma have been on holiday and brought her back a burgundy shirt, but she had thought it was called a burger shirt; Matilda has got to the end of her reward card and so is getting roller blades; Izzy also went to the same birthday party as Rayan on Sunday; Jude went to the park and hurt his finger on some wood; Tim has a stray cat in his shed which keep spraying on things.

We played a game of Snakes in the Pit whilst the food was laid out.

We sang Puff the Magic Dragon, Stewball, Blue Lake and Rocky Shore, A mighty Song of Peace and finally Charlie was a Pigeon.

We held our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Tim, Debbie, Ranna
Helpers: Ellen, Lisbeth, Al
Elfins: 19
Woodchips: 2

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