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Monday, 16 June 2014

Campfire Cooking (2014-06-16)

Everyone arrived promptly, we numbered off, though were not very good at it, so will have to practice.

We walked to Jack Straw's Lane.

We collected wood and made a fire, Magnus decided we needed a log to sit on.

Tim cooked pop corn and then Emily cooked the tortillas, which Lisbeth and Ranna spread with jam.

We ate strawberries and marshmallows. A big dog came and made a fuss, although some were scared he did behave himself. Matilda slipped into the river and got wet to her middle, but she was quickly rescued by Morrigan's Dad. She was very upset but everyone was very kind.

We tidied up and doused the fire.

We walked back to school, so slowly that the faster ones were calling the last ones slowcoaches from the school gates.

We finally held our Closing Circle, sorry to the parents who were kept waiting.

Leaders: Tim, Ranna, Emily
Helpers: Lisbeth, Zoe, Patience, Morrigan's Dad
Elfins: 26
Pioneers: 2

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