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Monday, 23 June 2014

Parachute Games (2014-06-23)

We started the session with some running around until there was a call for Octopus which was led by Emily.

We held our News Circle: Polly is going to the beach on Saturday; Natty is going by ship to the Isle of Wight to stay in a house near the beach; Morrigan went to Tuesday School and Toddlers group; Xanthe made sweets oand went swimming on Sunday; Millie-Maye is going to the Unicorn School tomorrow; Flora and Connie gave joint news: they went to Florence Park Eightieth Birthday Festival and with Connie's cousin Flora had six goes at naming a giant fluffy hedgehog which they won by naming him Spike when his name was Spiky; Louise made a date cake; Jay brought his sister's giant frizby; Rafiq's kitten ate his news; John went to the Tandem Festival and found a four leaf clover but lost three things but the good luck was he got a free icecream which was not for sale; Daniel went to London; Oliver rode a pony at Florence Park Festival; Arran could not remember his news; Emily has Tayberries and Raspberries on her allotment; Molly's class did a treasure hunt and found chocolate coins; Izzy went to London for her grandad's birthday; Imogen went to a festival and got a hair braid; Ivo had a haircut on Sunday; Kique is getting a kitten; Dylan brought a book of all his football stickers; Joe's sister is having her birthday in two days; Tim went to Florence Park Festival and was behind the man who got the last beefburger.

We discussed whether to play Parachute games inside or out and decided that Shark Attack and Washing Machine would not work well outside. We all had at least one go at Washing Machine and Joe's shout for Mushroom was "everyone holding a parachute".

We had a quick play outside.

We came back in for a circle and sang Little Rabbit Froo Froo before holding our Closing Circle.

Leaders: Tim, Emily
Helper: Louise
Elfins: 20
Woodchip: 1

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